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Digital Marketing for Chemicals

For the manufacturers of specialty chemicals, it is high time to go digital. The new-age customer is attracted more towards the knowledge and values a company can offer and that is what is depicted through your online presence.

Best practices of Chemical Marketing

Chemical stock on shelf
Digital Marketing of Chemicals

Covering more than 80,000 commercial products, India’s extremely diversified chemical industry is the sixth-largest producer of chemicals in the world. The chemical sector in India has the moment for notable growth, with global companies looking to de-risk their supply chains that are dependent on China. In this favorable scenario, India’s specialty chemicals companies are scaling up their capacities to satisfy rising demand from domestic and overseas markets.


Despite the current pandemic situation, the chemical industry has enjoyed remarkable success owing to adopting digitalization. Digital transformation means the adoption and integration of digital tools across an organization's operation. Applying readily available digital approaches to marketing and sales has the power to unlock as much as $105 billion to $205 billion annually to the $3.8-trillion-a-year chemical industry. Fast-mover companies that act aggressively to embrace digital tools could also capture $45 billion to $65 billion additionally by taking customers and revenues away from less nimble peers (


Specialty chemicals companies must consider digital marketing to achieve organic business growth and sustainability goals. As the market’s digital maturity increases, digital approaches are increasingly needed in sales and marketing to complement personal interaction with customers. Multichannel businesses consistently outperform their single-channel competitors by making the customer experience engaging. Yet so far, few chemical companies have deployed online sales channels; most still serve customers mainly through their direct sales forces and distribution partners.


The scramble to shift to novel digital marketing tactics, however, can be a challenge. At SARK Promotions we have the expertise and the products to partner with you to optimize your digital marketing efforts. A few important initiatives include


1.     Creating a best-in-class online sale channel.


2.     Using advanced analytics to reduce customer churn.


3.     Identifying new customer leads, and support upselling.


4.     Developing customer journeys that attract fresh business.


Our intimate understanding of the marketing needs can enhance your customer satisfaction by as much as 20 to 30 percent thereby fostering loyalty, and boosting your share of wallet.


The chemical industry leaders associated with SARK Promotions have risen the growth of their revenues by up to twice the market average.


Some of the issues faced by Chemical Industries during digital marketing are –


The Chemical Industry is extremely competitive, and it is continuously changing with contemporary technologies, products, and services. Chemical companies are always looking for latest ways to increase the sales of their products. Most chemical companies have already adopted internet marketing strategies but still, some companies are not aware of how to use the internet effectively to promote their business.


Chemical companies have always had to compete with one another to win over customers, but now they're also competing with startups- focused on quality and customer service- that use SEO to attract customers through online channels.


High Cost

The global economic downturn has put pressure on all businesses, but those that manufacture chemicals have had a tough time. In recent years we have seen rising raw material costs, exchange rate fluctuations, and the threat of pollution control laws. If that's not enough, many other factors can affect the bottom line - from government regulation to customer loyalty.

All these factors make it harder for chemical companies to maintain a positive return on investment. Therefore more and more businesses are turning to internet marketing to boost their sales and profits to get prompt ROI.


Lack of Visibility


The biggest problem faced by chemical industries without adopting SEO is that they will not be able to reach out to their target audience from different regions looking for chemical products. This means that potential customers won't be able to find them when searching for products or services resulting in losing out on huge contracts or even missing out on sales.


Digital Transformation of the Chemical Industry by way of Digital Marketing


Here are the important aspects of digital marketing in the chemical industry that one needs to be mindful of , to become a market leader. Demystifying the concepts of digital marketing below.


Creating a strong brand image. As discussed, it is critical to find the USP, as more or less it includes the same components. One needs to pay more attention to the details like name, logo, design, etc, and make it distinct as compared to peers. Apart from the mentioned, it also includes timely deliverables, quality products, competitive pricing, and customer support as 80% of the buyer’s decision depends on reviews and this could be later communicated to the target group using content marketing.


Content Marketing. Notably, around 96% of B2B buyers want content advocated by industry leaders or resourced from trusted sources. Hence, focusing more on SEO-driven content could result in targeting the right customers. It is the most influential strategic approach which focuses on delivering relevant, valuable, and consistent content which will help drive more audiences and retain them as loyal customers. Impressively, digital marketers have been spending a major piece on content optimization and have found interesting results over time. Long posts and blog articles work well when it comes to this sector and accordingly, 80% make the utmost use of such an important piece of content.


Pull vs Push Marketing Chemical industry marketers could use pull marketing, by curating engaging, educational, informative, and entertaining content that could add value for the audience, this would ensure your presence and help in brand recall rather than pushing different sales ads and ad campaigns which could end up getting in the spam folder. Approximately 81% of B2B buyers consume Newsletters and email content.


Social Media Marketing It would come as a surprise to few but in these changing times, tapping social media platforms becomes important. Not just being on the space but being active helps in attracting a few possible potential leads. According to the latest insights, around 50% of B2B marketers consume social media content. Also, communication is key. The communication should align with the objectives and face of the brand.


Every brand is unique and so is its story. The digital marketing techniques would sound similar, but the applications and weightage of the medium differ from industry to industry. Every Digital story is curated after thorough research and an ample number of resources. SARK Promotions has successfully handled esteemed clients from the chemical industries in India. We are a group of young, vibrant and experienced individuals, who would help you set a perfect platform for your brand, and with our excellent services in terms of creativity and delivering the best results, we have successfully become a perfect solution for all digital marketing concerns. If you are still thinking about how digital marketing would help you drive more audience and how social media could act as a valuable source for lead generation, talk to us.


Blogs/Articles by Chemical Marketing Agency


Blogs, also called articles, help drive traffic to your website to generate awareness, leads, and ultimately sales.


Promoting your articles through social media is a splendid way to boost the visibility of your content to thousands of qualified product consumers.


SEO + Web Content


Search engine optimization (SEO) and web content centred on strategic keywords help people find your products. This is crucial since most buyers conduct product research long before reaching out to your sales team. Keeping up with public search engine algorithms and which search terms to use in your web content can take a lot of time and expertise.


The analytics can help your team quickly and easily understand which of your products are seeing the most traffic and which keywords are helping formulators find you. It’s likely that the trends your products are experiencing will help your sales team develop better and more accurate forecasts.


White Papers and E-books


Like blogs, white papers and e-books can drive traffic to your website. But more importantly, they can help position your company as a thought leader in a particular area. And when gated, white papers and e-books can help you gather new contacts or leads.


By leveraging targeted emails, we can help distribute your white paper to thousands of customers. This helps make the most of the time and effort you put into creating your content by extending the reach of your white paper or e-book beyond your existing customers and prospects.


Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click campaigns to help you reach the top of search engine results by bidding on specific terms. Like SEO, it’s critical to have insights into your search and keyword trends.


The analytics can help you understand which keywords are popular. Consider relevant keywords for your Pay Per Click campaigns. Additionally, SARK Promotions as your chemical marketing company can provide your products more visibility by elevating your product listing when consumers search for relevant keywords.


Specialized Search Engines


Listing your products on specialized search engines and industry-specific sites places your listings in front of qualified consumers. Leveraging industry search engines can help you direct your chemical marketing efforts toward a concentrated audience likely to purchase your products.

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