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Success in Digital Marketing

Hi Everyone! If you are here you must be wondering about how to get noticed on internet and how to improve the rankings of your website in search results. Well do you know what a good website traffic is? It is 2000 clicks per day (CPD) or 10000 CPD. Absolutely not, as it may vary with the popularity of the topic being touched by your website.

If the topic of very common you will have higher number of users looking for the relevant keywords but also the competition will be higher. So in such scenario the quality of your content needs to out beat others to rank higher, firstly in the eyes of the readers and secondly in the eyes of search crawlers as well.

What is a search crawler?

A crawler or spider are the bots operated by search engine companies to crawl through the websites and index the data on continuous or periodic basis. The data base thus formed helps the companies to deliver search results. The data collected by the crawlers is able to deliver the idea to search engine about the website's content, relevance, authenticity and user experience provided.

What is "Ranking" in search results?

It is simply the position in the search results where your site is listed, and that in turn is relevant in terms of the CPD you shall be getting. For example, if your website is listed on page number 6 of results, your ranking is 50+ as most pages display 10 results per page, and a fraction of users only will go till there looking for information. More than 98% of users will not go beyond first page.

Thus it is desirable to rank on first of results or say amongst the top 10 ranks.

What improves your ranking?

A website has few purposes for a business, i.e. to get users understand the products/services/information offered by you and generate revenue or fan following for you. But for a user it is a source of information, services, and experience. A user will love to have a simple to understand page structure, language and will also seek relevancy of your content.

The same is being sought by crawlers but in somewhat different manner.

Try and look for how google search algorithm works. This will make you understand how important are the following factors:

  1. Keywords: These are the general terms given by users as input to search engines. These may vary a bit from user to user but more or less will make the search engine understand what context is the user looking towards. The more your content refers to the keywords the better chances are there for you to rank higher. It does not mean that you unnecessarily flood the content with keywords as crawlers are pretty intelligent these days.

  2. On page SEO: As part of user experience the web page layout is defined in HTML and crawlers look for proper headers, meta tags, alt attributes of images, links etc. to understand how the page is placed. A page with very short text may not be considered very relevant and similarly a page with lot of content but without any outbound links (references) will be considered inappropriate sometime